12th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (ICSAM) 2015 website

12th ICSAM September 7-10,2015 in Tokyo Tokyo-Station

Conference Program

Keynote speakers

Name Affiliation Nation
Dr. Daniel G. Sanders Boeing,
University of Washington
Dr. Jean-Jacques Blandin Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble FRANCE
Prof. Ruslan Z. Valiev Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials,
Ufa State Aviation Technical University
Dr. Hidehiro Yoshida Advanced Ceramics Group,
National Institute for Materials Science
Prof. Terence G. Langdon University of Southampton UK

Conference schedule

Sep. 7, Mon. Sep. 8, Tue. Sep. 9, Wed. Sep. 10, Thu. Sep. 11, Fri.
AM Opening
Keynote 1
Keynote 2
Mechanism (1)
Industrial Application (1)
Keynote 3
SPD & UFG (1)
Titanium Alloy (1)
Keynote 4
Titanium Alloy (2)
Conference tour
Lunch Lunch Lunch
PM Mechanism (2)
Forming (1)
New Application
Magnesium Alloy
SPD & UFG (2)
Aluminum Alloy
Mechanism (3)
Forming (2)
Industrial Application (2)
Forming (3)
Keynote 5
Evening Welcome party Short presentation
Poster session
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Download ICSAM 2015 Poster list Ver. 1.0
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Oral & Poster Presentation Guidelines

1. Oral Presentations

1.1 Presentation Time

Presentation time allotted for each type of paper is as follows. Please check your presentation time and keep to the time in order to conduct the program smoothly.

Keynote Papers: 40 minutes (including 5 minutes Q&A time)
Invited Papers: 30 minutes (including 5 minutes Q&A time)
Oral papers: 20 minutes (including 5 minutes Q&A time)

1.2 Presentation Upload

In order to eliminate any troubles, the local committee strongly recommends to use the presentation Win-PC provided by the local committee. The local committee recommends PowerPoint format for the presentation file. The file must be pre-uploaded directly in the presentation PC (Windows 7 and MS PowerPoint 2010) at the allotted session room either in the morning (8:30 – 9:00) or during the break time, at least before the beginning of your technical session. For the uploading, please use a UBS memory; CD or DVD discs should be avoided due to compatibility issues.

The use of your own PC is also permitted. However, in the case, the speaker(s) must preview your presentation either in the morning (8:30 – 9:00) or during the break time in the allotted room before the start of your session.

Not permitted: It is NOT permitted to upload your file and to connect your own laptop PC after started the technical session in order to avoid the time delay of the program.
The delay times are included in the allotted presentation time.

1.3 MAC Users

The local committee strongly recommends to all the MAC user(s) to test your MAC-produced presentation on the provided presentation Windows-PC before the start of your session. The presenter(s) should make sure that any MAC-specific fonts or symbols are converted to Windows-PC fonts and symbols.

IMPORTANT: MAC user(s) must have your appropriate adapter for connecting to a VGA cable of the projector. The local committee will NOT provide the adapter.

1.4 Video Files

Video file(s) must be included within the presentation file. In order to eliminate any troubles, the speaker(s) should preview your presentation/video file(s) before the start of your session.

2. Poster Presentation

2.1 Poster Presentation

Maximum Allowable Poster size: A0 size (841 mm wide x 1189 mm high)
The poster should fit within the A0 size in Vertical. The local committee provides the poster panel and pins for the display. All the poster presenters should keep the poster on the panel for the whole duration of the conference, i.e., from the morning of 8th September to the noon of 10th September. The posters remaining after the duration will be discarded.
Please be noted that poster cannot be printed at the venue.

2.2 Short Oral Presentation

Short oral presentation (3 minutes without Q&A time)
IMPORTANT: The committee obligates the SHORT ORAL PRESENTATION to the presenters, who got “The Light Metal Educational Foundation Award” and want to apply for the POSTER AWARD.
The short oral presentation sessions are scheduled on the afternoon of 8th September at the main hall and sub room. To avoid time delay of the short oral presentation, the committee strongly asks all the applicants to bring the presentation file on a USB memory and to upload the file at the registration desk until the noon of 8th September.
The slide is strictly limited to 3 pages in maximum.
The file name should indicate the paper number and author’s name as
follows; P??_author name.ppt

2.3 Poster Award

The organized committee of ICSAM2015 will select the BEST POSTER AWARD other than The Light Metal Educational Foundation Award. The selection is carried out by the committee member based on the quality of the short oral presentation, the research achievements and the poster presentation.
The award winner(s) both of BEST POSTER AWARD and The Light Metal Educational Foundation Award will be announced at the conference banquet on 9th September.