Conference History

ICSAM 2009 is the 10th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials.  The ICSAM series of conferences have been held every three years since the first conference was organized and subsequently held in San Diego in 1982.  The previous nine conferences were held in San Diego, Grenoble, Blaine, Osaka, Moscow, Bangalore, Orlando, Oxford and Chengdu was the host city for ICSAM 2006.  There are usually fifteen or more countries represented at ICSAM conferences.  The city of Seattle has many residents that are engaged in the study of superplasticity and we are proud to have the honor of hosting ICSAM 2009!

The industrialization of the SPF process has its primary roots in the aerospace manufacturing sector, but recent advances in technology and materials have driven broader applications.  SPF is now being used to fabricate automotive body parts, rail car fabrications, Class 8 truck parts, motorcycle components, medical implants, architectural panels, electronic housings and other products.

The original use of superplastic materials was mainly for aluminum and titanium applications.  Discoveries made around the globe have led to the advancement of superplastic ceramics, inter-metallics, nano materials, plastics, glasses and other materials.  The ICSAM 2009 Conference will feature technical presentations on all of the materials of interests. 

Since its inception, ICSAM has been the world’s foremost venue for engaging researchers from around the world for technical discussions and the presentation of technical data relating to superplasticity and superplastic forming (SPF) of materials.  The objective of this conference is to bring together both academic and industrial persons with an interest in the field of superplasticity, with the hope of promoting teamwork, collaborations and partnering to further the technology for the entire world.