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Call for Papers


The abstract submission deadline is December 19, 2008 March 20, 2009.  Notification of acceptance for abstracts and instructions for preparing the whole manuscript will be provided by January 23, 2009 April 1, 2009.  Deadline for final manuscript, if required, is July 31, 2009. 

The conference proceedings will be published in book form and in the Key Engineering Materials Journal. The papers will also be searchable and accessible via the internet using the popular Science Citation Index (SCI). A presenting author must register and present the paper at the conference for it to be published. The number of papers that can be published is competitive and limited, so the ICSAM 2009 Papers Review Committee will make the final selection papers. All papers will be peer reviewed by the experts in the field and edited by the ICSAM 2009 Organizing Committee prior to publication. There will be a poster session in addition to the technical presentations. Poster papers are also eligible for publication in the conference proceedings.  

Submitted papers for publication in the Journal must be 4 to 6 pages in length and follow the TTP Key Engineering Materials Journal format guidelines. The author must submit a paper copy and a CD with the paper saved on it either at the conference or by mail after the conference before the deadline of July 31, 2009. On the CD, please indicate the format and word processor used. Please also provide your phone number, fax number and e‑mail address for rapid communication with the publisher. If you follow the foregoing instructions, your paper will conform to the requirements of the publisher and facilitate a problem-free publication process.

The TTP website can be found here:
A direct link to the Author's Instructions page is here:

If mailing the CD, please send it to:
Dr. Daniel G. Sanders
The Boeing Company
Materials & Process Technology
P.O. Box 3707 MS 5K-63
Seattle, WA

Each author can be the primary author for only one paper, but can be co-author on unlimited number of papers with a different primary author. 

In addition to the contributed papers, the conference will include keynote speeches and there will be invited papers from the world’s top scientists in the field of superplasticity.  There will be a panel discussion at the end of the conference that will serve as an international forum to discuss the future directions of the technology from a worldwide perspective.

Proposed topics for ICSAM sessions:

  • Industrial Applications and Innovations
  • Superplasticity in Hard Metal Alloys
  • Superplasticity in Soft Metal Alloys
  • Superplasticity in Ceramics, Intermetallics and Bulk Metallic Glasses
  • Superplasticity in Nano Based Materials
  • Material Processing Methods to Enhance Superplasticity; including alloying, mill processes, Angular Extrusion methods, Friction Stir Welding, Hydrogenation, etc.
  • Numerical Simulations and Modeling
  • Microstructure Control and Microstructural Evolution During Superplastic Deformation
  • High Strain Rate and Low Temperature Superplasticity
  • Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Sliding and Failure

Please submit all abstracts via the ICSAM 2009 on-line form. Link to: ICSAM 2009 Submission Form
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